Defeat is Not a Failure, So Never try to go All the way Down


As always we all would like to follow the wind and everything can be achieved, so when our hands clinging on to success, we feel as we were living in a paradise.
If everyone are able to ensure that defeats does not exist, then we will all found the egg of Columbus and there would be more peaceful on earth.
Armies would no longer be needed and wars were only exist in the history books.
This give everybody a blissful life without tensions and we all just meet with peaceful people who only have friendly intentions.
Then prosperity could be better or will the joint balance out of control?
Unfortunately, there is probably no one on our global that are in power and can take responsibility to realize that, so only peace among the world leaders can bring a major step forward for us.
Losses will always be there, it’s just how we look at them and deal with it.
We may suffer some setbacks in life, because no one can be a perennial winner of all time.
Life is a struggle, but we have to remain positive and be strong, do not give up and go over it for every defeat.
The persistence and rising from a setback is what can make us stronger, this give us a new experience that we can use it wisely in the future.
Thus we are entering a repercussion at that moment, but it also give us the power to use  the setback for making good things with more energy for our future.
The process which happened at that time is tedious, but it also give and teaches us the necessary experience to be able to recover from any future setbacks.
Failure or decline should never be seen as a big problem, but it would prepare ourselves for the larger work with more learning opportunities, because of our new experience.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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