For some they want to know everything.
And they will not forget anything.
They can think of nothing else.
Do not know that curiosity can give problems.
Stabbing your nose and mind other people’s business.
There’s nothing more to talk about and they can go nuts.
Why do you want to know everything because that is not Your business.
You have Your own life and You can stay on.
If You want to step in to others business it may not improve Your life.
Knowing of what your life now is a certainty.
Change is an uncertainty with only a hope.
hope springs eternal with a curiosity for the future.
It is just an illusion in Your dream but its not real.
Curious for what will happen in the future.
Thinking for the best but there are many possibility that can be happened.
Think optimistically over the negative things that can happen.
So curious that you want to dig deeper and know more.
Knowing that with doing nothing is the same like to bring water to the sea.
But action to get a response can establish You for a new life.
With new ideas and new work because of curiosity.
To find out something because of Curiosity is then also no problem.
If You Sit still nothing will ever happen or change in Your life.
A good plan will lead to proper balance in Your life.
Curiosity kills a cat !!!!!!!!


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen