I want your heart conquer.
And your thoughts enchanted.
Your brain on hollow to save.
For you I will go.
Until your dreams.
In your dreams let it come true.
Everything just about me.
And you’re still in there.
You and I will see you there in the dream.
Together with happy hands in each other.
As a proud few.
With much laughter and no worries.
Our hearts well disposed toward each other.
As we begin a relation in your dream.
And you put me on the throne.
To bring joy to your heart.
And you all my love to give.
Your needs to accomplish.
So that you float into the sky.
Thus we can unite together in our hearts.
I hope you for the rest of your life continues in this dream.
And there are no obstacles ahead for us.
So that our dream will disappear.
And I will languish in sorrow and tears.
As with rain and storm.
Because that is all for now.
It starts with dreams and than we go believe in it.
Waiting for the reality.
And this is the end of the story.
And a begin of a nice life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen