We can have a Good Life when We Realize how Blessed We are


Many of us do not have good judgment about our own life and probably do not know much about what happened in this world.
How the economically stands is in other countries and what standard of living by the population they live there but this people are also happy with their life.
If everyone can deepen their thinking in this situation, it will bring more satisfaction for our happiness thus everything will be more faster under control with joy because we were born in our own country.
Complaining seems to be a natural phenomenon, because almost everyone does it.
Most people like to look too much on others and then imagine things which are impossible to realize at that time.
And an one euro coin in our hand will never turn into a hundred euro banknote, unless we are making a great effort with hard work to earn it 100 Euro after.
Sometimes it is difficult to accept when we see wealthy people around us or read in the media how easily they dissipate money, and rich persons can become more riches, while we ourselves have to think twice every time before we spend on every single coin.
But what others do or have there we can not buy a bread with it, we should not pay too much attention about what others do, and should just be blessed with what we already have.
No one is perfect and everyone has their own flaws in life.
And we must always remember in our minds that there are not millions but billions of people in this world who have it more worse than us but yet they still can live happily.
Always realize how good is our life, be satisfied and blessed with it .
Because dreary does not help so we have to keep working towards a better future that will definitely help us move forward.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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