By Train to the Clouds


Just imagine the possibility to buy a train ticket and going with blazing speed through the clouds.
Look above the clouds frontwards to other citizenry and their culture.
Indignantly by the soothing colors and beauty that we see and discover there.
But we do not believe in this, it’s a dream, that it’ll become a train journey to the cloud in the near future.
But in the past we also had that too many time this thinking about other things and their techniques.
And what we had expected at the time never has now become reality with unimaginable worth seeing showing the results.
We can see it today with our own eyes, so must believe it.
By train above the clouds it would be an attraction of the century with much noise and shouting at the unveiling opening.
Up there so high in the blue and white clouds a locomotive of the railway company who behind it drags a wisp excess wagons.
Up there to look at that beautiful blue sky which a certainly an impressive sigh will give to us.
Above the clouds in the intercity railway.

We need not to be surprised if we will experiencing in our dreams shall go to heaven with the railway train.


I wish you a healthy life

Kindly Regards
Author Jan Jansen

Dutch Version
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