Blowing with every Wind Gusts


Many of us are uncertain and can find no way to choose direction by the living conditions in which they are situated.
They are helpless and totally upset in their mind what others will think of them.
Several things and events have their life in the grip and overwhelmed, so they no longer have continence for their daily self support.
Monthly obligations they can not easily or only partial compliance, because of other additional financial burden.
The reality of life is blindsided to them and helping to destruction, because of adopted lifestyle.
Now they’re going to survive and blowing with every wind gusts, and every breath of wind grab them with both hands.
They will admit everything on their path, they might wish not do it with inner feelings from their hearts, but they should take every opportunity arrived.
And all this is, because they want to survive through adopted their way of life, through this their good behavior is changed by a malicious dark shade.
Due to the situation where they are sitting now them have no more mercy or remorse for others by the forced state in which they now find themselves.
All they do and tackle, must to do on this moment for approaches to overcome the authorized and automated government power.
Bills must be paid and the family should eat and comply with national rules and submitted laws.
It’s similar to being bitten by a poisonous snake and the consequences are effective and bewildering.
The antidote can still save us, right now is that money or choose another curriculum vitae life, but it is certainly not a perfect life to close a bet on with certainty down.
But one in order to save their own life and those of the family members is all that now is inexplicable in their minds.
This is not a normal course of action, but at all costs and must do anything to survive.
Why some people choose this situation or be forced and consequently make so the wrong jumps in their life.
Be sensible in life let us not get carried away with the unprecedented truth by following others, go our own life path.

Avoid so that there is a possibility to arise from all directions blowing wind gusts in the neck, because nobody wants anyway to hear negative talk from others about themselves.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

Dutch Version
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Blowing with every Wind Gusts

Blowing with every Wind Gusts – author Jan Jansen