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Bed spread.


Everyone wants the best in life.
And that is normal too.
Striving for good health and our position on earth.

That what we do and achieve just make more happier.
Meeting people where you build a good relationship with.
A relationship of friendship and loyalty.
Or a business relationship with trust and future work.
The difference between friendship and business relationship is simple.
Friends make money together.
And with a business relationship they make money to each other.
The choice for you I can not make that lies entirely in your own hands.
What is most important in your own life ?
Many friends and contacts around you with a happy look and confidence.
Or a lot of money around you with contacts who only think of wealth.
Just out on the improvement and self-interest in life.
With a big show and actor talents where Steven Spielberg much can learn from.
Try on every selection good or bad to come between these people and enjoy.
Their talents and appearance play an important role in achieving a goal.
A goal which they ultimately just going to cause problems and unhappiness in daily long life.
Things that they do not want to do from their heart but must follow so as not to fall through the basket.
Laughter and friendly while doing nothing to laugh and there is more hatred and envy.
Then You feel good ?
Oh well adapt to the lifestyle of another.
Because they have money and power, so you fool Your own and another to fool than this is Your lifestyle become.
But are you happy because you can spend money ?
And another is stabbing the eyes out because you can buy whatever you want with someone else’s money.
I have in my life already many such scenes experienced and seen.
And if I deep in the eyes and hearts of the people look, I see no real joy or love.
Their bed is spread and covered financially, but is this life ?
Or You live in a movie create by Yourself.
MONEY is easy if you have and opens many doors.
But it will never opening your heart or a good feeling.
Whether you give a life as it will make you happy.
Never will you can do the things that Your heart you enter.
Because you become lived by someone else to make sense.
And the enemy from Your own beautiful life to do with feeling Is.

I spread my own bed is better.

I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen