Beautiful is the prospect.


Beautiful is the prospect if I look.
But what are the one I reach?
Thanks to all the people who believed in me.
What did all minds in their heads.
One person think this another person that.
But nobody saw my treasure.
I have to organize and work hard for to get almost finish.
But I think future is never finish
Hope nobody comes with a scissor.
Have to give many people confidence and also many looking only for self-regard.
Many have broken their words and at one point I saw ghosts.
Everyone thought of his own profit interest.
And the word “work together” stuck them behind the wallpaper.
That has not denied me the courage and I continue to believe in me own way.
Towards a better life and future.
Many did not realize, and now see the roots grow from the trees.
The roots of a new forest and a good life.
Changes every day something in the forest.
For the lumberjacks something good and chopping for things off.
But this we let not happen, because they don’t know what and how.
The forest is created with care from Mother Nature.
And has an important function in our lives.
Without wood, we can not live.
It gives us oxygen for our existence.
And we can every day against it.
The forest grow so extensively and does everyone good.
And now they know what is prosperity, and that is good.
Working together as in nature beats everything every hour.
Of nature no one can win it is as a web of spiders.
Once in the web can do nothing anymore.


And, the web is a future decision.
Online you have the greatest reach.
We can not ignore all and keep everything going on.
Internet the future of tomorrow and after tomorrow.
Think of the Future think of Internet.
The cheapest and global reach.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen