Be Thankful for the Things we Already have Achieved in Life.


We would like all achieve much or posses in life, which is normal to think like that for every sensible person.
Being happy with nothing is in fact not so simple, only when we grown up with nothing we would almost be happy with everything, but most of us grow up to pamper with a good life and want to have more.
Often, we will not realize what we already have and it has become just a part of our way of life over the years and we can imagine the value anymore.
Sometimes we don’t even know its value, while it can be very costly for a certain standard of living but we are so accustomed that we are blind to that point.
It has become so natural to think that we are so fortunate that we just didn’t understand it, for example, work, relationships and property.
Only at times when we begin to lose things, or when people disappear from our environment or become ill, we will only realize how lucky we are.
In a recession or alarm condition in our own life or surroundings, we only hear the bell ringing and realize that what we have is a greater value than we expected to.
When we are promoted to something and it will pass in a downturn, then the facts are better appreciated and we realize the loss of value ten times as much higher.
Therefore be careful with what we already have in friendships, relationships and positions, because if we lose that in our life it could undergo a substantial change.
As we have already achieved something in life, it is better to respect that and be grateful for it and realize how lucky we have to be.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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Be Thankful for the Things we Already have Achieved in Life 25 May 2015