Be Close to Each Other


In this modern age we can all be far away and it’s still very close by the route of new technologies via the Internet.
Someone’s on the other side of the world perhaps 25,000 kilometers far away and yet we cab see them everywhere or anywhere.
Via computer, telephone or iPad we can talk to each other completely free of charge and look at with an admiration.
Only we need to have an internet connection and device, but that is still possible to be paid with a normal income or over a free WiFi checkpoint.
Itself through a phone we can see each other and hear easily at every place where we are in the global it is all possible today.
Only touch each other missing for the rest is the impossible become a reality and every contact together available worldwide.
Feelings and emotions can we show each other as we talk and hear the sound of our voice with the facial expressions that are visible.
We can see each other both laugh and cry with emotionally sound if we miss each other too much or just when we are very happy.
And on distance get us all understanding faster and clearer with stunning picture and sound that we are destined for each other.
We are now so close to each other by the digital possibilities of today.
Conceivably staying together into the hands from one another is possible only the attractive physical feeling against each other is not there yet.
But that will maybe a possibility in our digital future that it might go bring this even over a network.
The ability to be close together, there is where everything revolves for a better feeling at the time when the need arises.


I wish you a healthy life

Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen

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Be Close to Each Other

Be Close to Each Other – auhor Jan jansen @authorjanjansen