Awareness is our Wealth when we Experience that Money Cannot buy Everything


Many pursuit of wealth in life through money and some may want to do everything for it, even if they may lose their self-respect.
Even when they are able to achieve wealthy, we should still keep the fact in our mind that money can’t buy everything.
They can afford everything what have to do with payment, because they are powerful and abundant with their capital and wealthy, but respect is not for sale.
There is plenty of examples to support that sayings, love and healthy are two very common things that cannot be bought or exchange with money.
They have done all in order to be financially stable, but they still need to find out that there is more than just money in life.
The happiness that we feel from our heart has nothing to do with money, but be pleased with a complete satisfaction for what we have now.
With money we cannot buy everything, but if we can be the master of contentment and be satisfied with a good health, that is the only wealth and it is priceless for us.
Being wealthy so that we can afford a luxurious life, however it give many people the wrong impression as its does not guaranteed for health or a total happiness.
Inner satisfaction with everything what we do is discovering the lushness of our life.
Necessities of life is to meet with the right partner or relationship for a healthy partnership with whom we can share our hearts in all honesty.
A closer bond within each family brings healthy for the love of our families members and also to all of our descendants.
That’s the richness of life and there will be not enough cash that can be exchanged with getting these feelings.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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