As Dark Clouds Arrive


If we begin to see the dark clouds, it usually does not bring much good and displays of weather changes.
Instead we like to see the sun shining high in the sky with white  and light blue clouds so sun rays can reach us.
Birds fly than around and that is a precious sight for to may behold.
After dark clouds appear there will become mostly rain, hail, windstorm and possibly lightning and thunder or when we lucky again sunshine.
There may also can come up a potent breeze with hailstorms or even a powerful strong winds followed by much air stream to get a twister, cyclone, tornado or typhoon.
Something nobody has personal immunity to it and therefore we will feel uncomfortable by the effects of Mother Nature.
A feeling of why should it happen now for us, often without an umbrella or thermal clothing.
But that is something we have not in our power to change it and have to accept as it comes.
And therefore is it better thinking positive and encounter it to be better always well prepared for this.
And thus take this prescribed precautions to purchase the personal protection attributes and keep in possession for when it is needed.
Or somewhere to go in and entertain if we have time until there is sunshine again.
But when there is a hurricane or cyclone will that not be a solution and it’s better to sit in a bomb shelter.
Luckily that is that not a case for everyone and there are countries where hurricanes not occur, but now with climate change we never know.
Many times health effects can occur by airborne contaminants.
Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that worldwide each year around seven million people die from the effects of the air pollutants they breathe.
So be conscientious with our nature to deal so that we can try all together to prevent this.

As Dark Clouds Arrive in our private life, still have a positive mind, because after rain come sunshine again.


I wish You a Good and Healthy Life

Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen

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As Dark Clouds Arrive

As Dark Clouds Arrive – author jan jansen @authorjanjansen @easyjanjansen @janjansenpoetry