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Sometimes it’s hard to live your life to appreciate in value.
You think only by you everything goes wrong.
You do not realize how well you do have it.
The lifestyle you’ve Seems so normal just because you’re used to it.
If something goes wrong then you have direct a miserable feeling.
Why should it happen only to me , I’m not doing anything wrong.
That billions of people experiencing with the same or worse things you can not see.
You’re just selfish-absorbed and that hinders your visual outlook in life.
Millions have this every day to do, what you’re going through only one time.
Direct You think negative while your life is so positive and good.
Rate the life where you are now live with a smile.
If you’re healthy then think about the people who are unhealthy.
Without that they themselves have some influence on ,it is the fault of nature.
Look at the news and hear and look what’s happening around us.
Be happy that we are not in these situations.
For us there is always a way and a solution.
Many people on earth know no more advice and have no solution.
They are depend on government and aid organizations.
Living from seconde to minute and day to day .
Their life they are not sure and always worry and fear.
Think about that side of the world.
And give those people a fair chance.
And start to appreciate your own life when you start to think about them.
Life in peace and appreciate the nature.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen