Everyone should look into it but some will succumb to it..
We can do anything about it but  the result will not looks better.
But why is that so important and we pay so much attention to it?
Ok, everyone would like to present themselves at their best to get admired by others.
That’s very understandable because everyone needs love and to get attention.
The real valued given to everyone has nothing to do with the appearance and thats why the inner beauty is so important.
Inner content determines whether a relationship will be long-term friendly and outer beauty has totally nothing to do with it.
We start to fall in love by the looks of a person but will keep our relationship with the real character of that person.
Any sensible person knows that beauty is just for temporary presence and it will not last for a lifetime.
Everyone can radiate their beauty but if the character does not have an inner content then they can’t be communicated well with other by passion, therefore no one will be able to hold or continue the relationship.
That would be a waste of time and our short life are being irritated without fun, should we continue with a person who looks attractive but they can not  communicate well with us and talks like a headless chicken.
Then it is better to wait for the person who has the heart of gold and talk with passion to appreciate our life.
Which gives us the feeling that we are everything for them with friendship and tenderness to communicate smoothly with a tones that is based on love, and not on ostentation.
It will give us the outer beauty that we can radiate to others because of our behavior, they eventually will feel and see that we are happy.


I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen Read More Poetry…….  #poem #poetry #poems #story #stories #quote


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