Apologies tend to lose the importance when trust is broken


The wisdom and wits are such an important factor in Your life.
A small mistake that You may unaware of it can bring a bad result for lifetime.
Therefore it is always important to stay positives and think carefully before You do or speak something.
Something once done or said may not be reversed and that You can be commended or be judged.
And it will for the rest of Your life chasing both good and something bad that You have done in the past or trying to recover from the mistakes that You have been make before.
You may be magnificent but at the same time a person with bad attitude and a wrong way of thinking and will not be honored throughout their life.
It’s also difficult to control Your own emotions sometimes or keep away Your problems and therefore You responded differently from normal, but a single mistake can be fatal for the rest of Your life.
Then even when You apologize for hundred times and say You’re sorry from Your heart, it will not help because there is something broken in the same trust and relationship.
You can do hundreds of times something good and then comes that single moment, and it making Your life totally spoil.
Know Your limits and always think that life is not just for today and respect is one of the most important things is our life if we want to live in peace with each other.
Never let other tend to lose the meaning of an apology because of the trust is broken.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Apologies tend to lose the importance when trust is broken