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Before our Anger Rises, think of the Consequences


It’s all not so jovial feeling among the population as in 25 years or more ago, the friendships now are not as strong as in those old days.
During that time, people granted something to each other and love sharing without much jealousy and envy.
Those were the days where people had no bad plans or intentions in their mind and could almost resolved everything with talking in a peaceful discussion.
And if the problem or disagreement was cleared with the talking and both sides able to reach their peace of mind, then the friendship can be quickly restored.
Nowadays, people are getting faster to be agitated and irritated and as a result, aggression occurs due to misunderstandings.
The attitudes of some people cannot be accepted, especially those who want to harm other in order to get the benefits for themselves.
By the arrogance of them can brings wrong impact for people, thus the order of life will be disrupted and this will put some of us in the danger zone.
We should now rethink to take every thing into account and prepared early for the worst.
All this affects the peace of mind and will not make our life more comfortable but rather difficult because we are having the disadvantages.
As a result, some aggressive and desperate action due to anger and misunderstanding which can lead to an unexpected outcome.
Action is reaction and every action has its consequences so think carefully before it is too late.
Because an action in anger will have extremely serious consequences in which nobody will be happy.
Always try to keep the anger for ourselves and not show to other, because anger gives people expression with superiors and follow up by the meaningless outrageous behavior.
It is better to leave the place when we are being stuck into this kinda situation, because then we can keep our calm.
It’s not worth for the consequences afterwards which can make our problem become even bigger.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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