Always Work Hard in Silent and let Success to make the Noise


There comes a time in our life that we have to bear the burden to pay all the living costs ourselves.
And that required money and we must work hard because with without action will not generates revenue for us.
Perhaps some of us have the minimal luck in which our ancestors have worked very hard and built a good foundation for them where they can live their life lavishly.
Here comes the famous saying of “who does not steal or inherit need to work until he dies”
Unfortunately, most of us do not have that luck but we go to work every day with a positive smile and full of ambition.
Because we know what and why we are doing it, therefore we work on it very hard.
The more we perform results then our salary or income become better.
To blow high from the tower is easy but to show actual performance is the smartest.
Everyone knows that no matter what, only results apply in daily life, with each result we get respect among the population.
Even when there is a discrimination for that person, but the moment he performs slightly and show results, then his skin color is no longer important.
We can make a lot of noise about discrimination but this is something that is a fact and we can never change among the people but it will be wonderful if we can do it.
It is better if we can work together in peace and quiet for improvements in the world with results that will please everyone and gives us a better future.
That success will be much credited by public and others will recognize it so they want to follow because together we are strong.
Things that are well organized in peace and optimized will always be successful for the humanity.
Selfishness and self-enrichment behind the back of other does not give satisfaction for our life.
Working together for a better life on this earth where everyone is equal and get the same rights so everything can be arranged with peace in silence, that will be very good.
Then we can speak of a success for humanity and many results will follow with a great cheers.
The silence that many people now have will then be broken successfully.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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