Although a Monkey wears a Golden Ring, it Remains an Ugly Thing


When we were born, we all looks pretty for our proud parents.
But our appearance can either deteriorate or improve over the years.
It’s has been proven in this society that the more attractive we look , the higher our chance to succeed in getting attention.
So everyone will do everything to look nice in order to create multiple opportunities in their daily life.
They can beat others with a better appearance then more opportunity and benefit will come to them.
Usually when being too much in attention will change the character of those persons .
Because everyone wants a person in his circle of friends or a partner that looks good and when they receive all the attention, they begin to feel more higher than another.
Get proud and conceit of themselves therefore they do not want to talk with anyone and they will eventually lose their social sense.
Some people will change their spontaneous character and good heart  because they have an inappropriate attitude towards others.
A beautiful appearance is something nice to look temporarily, however a good heart is not to be seen from the outside but is vital for good communication together.
Because we should not only eat at a beautiful table.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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