Ahhahahh You think so on.


You set me thinking of what I see now.
I can not believe it.
In my mind I feel cheated
And i can not understand it.
Why are you doing this now.
If I look I feel shivers from the cold.
You have betrayed me again.
And what can I do ?
I can go fight with You.
But that makes me so tired.
Decisions is what I have to start taking.
And that reminds me very much.
I have given you my life.
And you’re only adultery.
I can not satisfy to your desire.
Now I know this.
Me eyes have received it.
This has been the honest thing I’ve seen.
You can call me no more heating.
That’s not there anymore.
What you have done is pure desire.
But not with or to me.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen