A True Friend is the One who Can Measure our Deep Sea of Emotion


What could be nicer and more relaxing when we know we have the right friends around us to see from our expression exactly how we feel.
We can call them anytime in the days or night if we are having difficulties, they then have the same feeling with us if its their problem, and want help us to find out the root cause of  problems or try to provide us the solutions.
These are our real allies who first come to ask what they can do for us, and show their heart for friendship without too many words to us.
At such times, it is impossible to hide our emotions and those are the moment we can really see who are our true friends, so we can live along together with them in full confidence.
Friendship is a basis of trust from the heart, a feeling that is more like just to meet and greet each other but not using them.
It is difficult and not possible to keep our emotion in check for all times.
When we are being emotional perhaps due to misunderstanding, those who can tolerate us we should cherish them as our best comrades.
With them, we are not just always crying in grief, we can also shout in anger and perhaps using the wrong words at that time.
The true friend knows the value of us, they will share our pain with us, and listen everything by us, they let it coming towards them, goes in one ear and out from the other side.
They always try to calm us down with sensible word, even when we do not response back to them, they stil give us time to let it penetrate unto us.
They can measure our emotions in the deep sea of misfortune and pain at that moment and let us know that they are there in good and bad times as a companion or life partner for us with full of love from their hearts.
Unfortunately, we often find out that the meaning of friendship is different and the most people will let us behind on the deep emotional sea floor when we are in difficulties, as if we never exist in their mind, because only their own life is so important for them.
Only the true friend will treasure the real friendship between us.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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