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A Person who Never Settle in One Place will Not be Successful


Why did the army have their main base and each association got the clubhouse?
As long as we do not really think about it, we can give a quick answer.
Or is it very difficult and not so logical as most of us think?
To have a successful business, the products and services must be of good quality,  selling price also need to be as low as possible.
Then our chances for success can be guaranteed to increase with a good product that has price which is lower than our competitors, from there we are on the good way to deliver better quality as the market leader.
We understand that if someone who always moves around his business will not get their regular circle of customers quickly because it is not possible for us to trace their company all the time.
Customers will be having more doubts and suspicious, and they will eventually lost their trust towards those people.
Too much movement will adding more costs for them ,thus a price increase will take place and the product will becoming too expensive.
That will be a good news for other entrepreneurs because they are more likely to come out with a lower price.
Therefore it is better for us to fix in a place so the costs remain low and we can build a reputation from our base there.
Thus success can be obtained easily among the people of that place with quality and good service in order to accumulated our goodwill faster.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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