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A Good Relationship is when We Give More and Expect Less


A relationship is just something similar with business.
In the business world, a successful business person invest little and expect much profit back to support his stand.
A good relationship is based on giving out our love and expect less back but we have to do everything with passion and feelings.
Nothing is too much and everything is stimulated with feelings of both love and to form a closer relationship.
Farewell will give problems for both and it is impossible to accept.
The feelings for each other are so deep that a disagreement will be resolved by the mutual respect which has been quickly emerged.
A better communication with each other can simply solved those little problems .
An inner feeling change originated with complete understanding is easy to explain to each other.
It is difficult for two hearts to think like one and understand well, when not can have that feeling, then both will be getting bad mood and it is the worst solution in a relationship.
So we must do our best together to expect less and give more to our partner then we are in a good way for having a serious relationship.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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