A Charming Smile give Good Impression for the Beginning of All Love


Loyalty can start with an enchanting smile and that is the main constituent of a passionate love
Courtesy costs nothing, it give ourselves and others an immense feeling of respect  so there is love to arise.
Unkindness is actually inhuman and has no sense, it will give only trouble for our own character, and so we excluded ourselves from making fun.
Love and peace is so important in our life and that can start with an innocent smile which may bring extended to a friendship with love and understanding  in time.
From there it can even go a step higher, and there may be a love affair emerged after, which we can laugh with joy.
Many are embittered by their experiences in the past but let our life not be determined by “tar all with the same brush”
Everyone deserves a chance in life, but we ourselves also must stay friendly with a smile against newcomers in our life.
The smile at the first decent meeting can only improve the mood, it is no harm to greet someone with ‘good morning’ , “good afternoon”,  “good evening”, “good night” or “good day”.
The affection and enthusiasm to do this will be good for our own feeling, and give us a positive input, it should actually be a basic principle in our character.
From there start, a sympathy may arise in a peaceful conversation with others and a respectful and good sense  may arise among everyone afterwards.
A simple smile can give us a good impression since the introduction, and after which a long-term friendship may arise where each one of us needs to have it.
We all know that there is a need to give each other the warmth and passion with an interesting and charming smile.
Immediately give others a charming impression of ourselves and let them see our smile through the teeth with human love that we all possess.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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